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Mayfield has been active on the property market more than 10 years and has built its reputation being a significant developer and investor not only in the Czech Republic.

Mayfield´s aim is to establish and further develop a portfolio of properties for the whole group. It is focusing both on development of new projects and investment in existing properties, where it seeks to improve the efficiency of the building and its management, which brings the benefits to the existing tenants and can attract further potential tenants.

The area of interest is Central and Eastern Europe, particularly the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Croatia and Serbia, i.e. a region of progressive economic growth and improving political conditions.

The focus of interest is mainly the commercial sector – office, retail, logistics, industrial and entertainment.

Mayfield´s compact core team consists of real estate experts with wide experience in all areas of the property market. In addition to project acquiring duties the team manages all aspects of the development process and retains an asset management function for completed projects. To ensure maximum efficiency of the resources available Mayfield works closely with a selected team of consultants. This extended consultant network complied with the very special working relationship each has with Mayfield providing the group with the opportunity to instantly access potential markets and rapidly establish a trusted contact base to source projects.



Orange Park
(Orange Park - The first hall sees the light of day)
Prague Gate
(9 123 m2 ofice space, category A)


call:+420 255 719 090
fax:+420 255 711 901
address: Mayfield Real Estate
Opletalova 1603/57

Praha 1
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