Mayfield Galleries - Louvre

project type: office project
project status: sold

The name "GALLERIES" was chosen for the project as we would like the architecture of the buildings to reflect the following:

  • The spirit of European culture, which respects human needs and desires
  • The importance of living in harmony with nature
  • We spend more than one third of our lives at work, so comfort is essential

Our personalities are shaped by the buildings in which we live and work. Galleries aims to recognize and respect this.

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news on the project

22. 7. 2008
MAYFIELD GALLERIES - The Louvre buildinng
It’s Tuesday afternoon, the 22nd of July 2008 and a strong rainstorm has just passed over Prague. Along with the marvellous fresh air it brought also a ceremonious atmosphere for the opening of the new LOUVRE building.
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6. 2. 2007
MAYFIELD GALLERIES - The Louvre buildinng
LOUVRE, the first of the buildings, differentiates itself as being smaller than typical office buildings in the area.
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