Orange Park - The first hall sees the light of day


One of the largest logistics and industrial zones not only in the Pilsen region and the Czech Republic, but in all of Central Europe, is being developed on an important transportation corridor connecting the western and eastern parts of the continent, part of which is the D5 motorway (Nuremberg, Pilsen, Prague). The Orange park project is spread out over a territory measuring 200 ha and it will offer its users up to 700,000 m2 of modern production and storage space over a number of stages. The first hall measuring 23,000 m2 will already be completed this spring.

First hall

The first hall measuring 23,000 m2 will be completed this spring. According to Lenka Šišuláková, the Executive Director of Mayfield, which is the zone´s developer and investro, the area is suitable both for production and operations connected with the assembly of products as well as for logistics and it will offer users a high standard corresponding to buildings with the highest quality on the market. The completion of the construction work is currently underway in the area and the developer will soon be welcoming its new tenants.

project card: Orange Park


Prague Gate
(9 123 m2 ofice space, category A)


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